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August 6, 2019

Taledo received 6 figures funding for innovative technological development

Taledo received 6 figures funding for innovative technological development

Taledo (, the recruitment solution, received a six-figure grant as part of the ProFit funding program, a program of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) in December 2018. The purpose of the funding is to promote growth from a technological point of view in Berlin and to first sustainably stabilise, then promote, Taledo’s growth.

Since 2015, when Taledo was founded, the Berlin-based Startup has steadily developed its digital recruitment platform. Now, Taledo is one of the market leaders in recruiting within the DACH( Germany, Australia and Switzerland) region. On the platform, clients (companies) can find and contact their ideal candidates (especially in the fields of IT, sales and marketing) through an innovative matching algorithm.

This cutting edge process has brought great news for both candidates and clients, as both the candidates' application processes and the search for top talent is shortened significantly.

Facilitating the Technological Advancement

In particular, IBB strives for cooperation between technology and economy. With this funding, the IBB hopes to ensure that the knowledge from technology experts is being fully utilised in strengthening the economy and accelerating the rate of Research and Development in Berlin.

“With the grants from IBB, we want to further develop our platform and take another step towards the advancement of our technology. We are very proud that the state of Berlin as well as the EU have so much trust in us and the technology we possess. We want to thank Markus Barnickel and Sven Riedel in particular, “said Melishah Ünver, founder and CEO of Taledo.

Comments from Markus Barnickel, CFO of FörderProtech GmbH: “We are delighted that we are able to support one of the most innovative solutions in the field of recruiting with Taledo in the application for ProFIT funds. With this facilitation, it is to believe that the efficiency in filling in key positions for clients could be further improved.”

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