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March 17, 2017

How to get a job in Berlin when you don’t have a DJ background

How to get a job in Berlin when you don’t have a DJ background

We have the fanciest television tower, tabu-turned-trendy techno, and such cheap kebabs that they make you not bother about the ingredients anymore. We spray graffiti on old walls, call them a gallery and dedicate them to our true political hero (Hasselhoff, not Merkel). Our parks may not have the greenest grass, but for sure the most diverse selection of special herbs. Our greatest pharmacies are just as openair as the numerous festivals we rave at, because we - once again - were rejected from Europe´s inofficial Mordor, Berghain.

And then there is this vision, the light at the end of the tunnel, the mecca of Club Maté pilgrims:

Berlin's Startup Scene

Images of foosball tables, geometrically impressive hipster beards, macbooks and garish icons start buzzing through your neural pathways and you know, this is where you belong!

But what now?

Confusing job portals, vacancies full of empty phrases and blind CV spamming is out! Structure, an honest approach and you-get-what-you-see is what you need and deserve! Ok, let´s do this step by step now:

1) You have to feed recruiters!

Pimp your CV! DO IT! No excuses, no compromises, and please please please no typos. A clearly structured overview of your qualifications and experiences is the Alpha and Omega for recruiters. Handle your CV the way you handle your Tinder pic. The targeted company is the guy or gal of your dreams.

Accordingly, you will upload this ravishing, informative photo of yourself rather than one that is only showing your left eyebrow (unless -of course- your left eyebrow is absolutely breathtaking). Provide recruiters with relevant information. When/where did you work and what was your responsibility/title?In short: Your CV is your poster child, use it!

2) Don't oversell yourself

Tinder-rule again! A photo of Brangelina may lead to a few more matches but will backfire when you actually meet up.

The same applies to CVs. Trust us, recruiters can tell the difference between C-levels and fresh grads and will convict you faster than any private detective. Honesty  is definitely the best policy here!

3) Google Yourself!

Good ol´times, when we were embarrassed by mom`s collection of our worst baby pics. We're one step ahead now and upload nasty pics and too-much-information of ourselves to make sure they are available 24/7 for the whole world to watch. If you are lucky enough, you even have some friends who practically serve as enemies too and will not miss any opportunity to tag you in the most deprecating pics and posts.

Of course, a personality fit is crucial when it comes to working together in a team, but let's be honest, overly upfront and revealing posts just don't make a good first impression. Keep in mind that Facebook, Instagram & Co. have become a precious source of information for future employers and think twice before sharing last saturday night´s party pics publicly!

4) Get some help - make yourself visible!

The best CV is worthless if it cannot find its way to recruiters! Our platform connects talents with companies. The idea is just as simple as effective. First, you get yourself registered - including your CV, availability etc.. If you're accepted into our batch, your personal Talent Manager will get in touch and provide you with all the help you need to find a job. Not only is this completely free for you, but we also reward you with a bonus of 500€ and a gift box if you get hired! (Nope, not kidding - we really are that nice! ;) )

Companies can now send you interview requests and clearly show their interest in you and what they are willing to offer. If you are interested in the role, you can accept the request and initiate a first call or meeting. Companies apply to you!

5) Get your facts straight!

A degree does not automatically make you a senior employee! Neither do a few months of an internship! Everyone knows that underselling yourself is bad, but only few people will have the courage to tell you that hubris can be equally poisonous to your career!
So, for the record:

If you are a fresh grad / have intern experience:

6) Be reliable and proactive!

Stick to scheduled dates! Respond quickly and express your interest in the role/company! Prepare some questions for the interview and find yourself a calm place for phone calls. Don't eat/listen to music/clean or drive while having them (yep, we've had them all already).

Be prepared for detailed questions concerning your CV and experience! This will make a good impression and put you in a good position for future negotiations.

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