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June 10, 2016

Startup Jobs in Karlsruhe

Startup Jobs in Karlsruhe

Are you currently living (or looking to move there) in Karlsruhe and are looking for a startup job there? Karlsruhe is a smaller city in southern Germany, and it's known for being a university town. And as you can imagine, university towns boast many young, hungry, entrepreneurial students looking to make an impact on the world. So if you are looking for startup jobs in Karlsruhe, you have a bunch of options to where you can apply. We have listed a couple of them

Booxware - this startup specialises in all things betting. Not only does Booxware provide the necessary software for a fully functioning betting platform, but Booxware also offers hardware for betting shops. Last year around one billion bets were placed on their software!

Apply to Booxware here.

Eyezag - these guys' technology is impressive. Eyezag uses eye-tracking technology to see what you are looking at. Specifically, they offer technology for webcams, so that you can see what your customers are actually looking at. Very interesting, but also a bit scary how much technology can now monitor your behaviour!

Apply to Eyezag here.

store2be - store2be have a very interesting concept. If you've ever been to malls or airports (chances are you belong to that club), you notice that there are a lot of small shops or promotions going on in large areas where a lot of people walk about. From the car manufacturer promoting their new model to the small cosmetics stand, there is a lot going on. store2be has created a platform which allows you to book these spaces much easier.

A very cool idea, and apparently quite successful. Even normal shops with a lot of space, like large bookshops, have begun to earn extra money by opening up some of their space for rent. Gyms have also warmed to the idea.

Apply to store2be here.

Here's an example of ZipJet promoting their services at Alexa mall:

ZipJet Promotion at Alexa Mall

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