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July 6, 2016

Startup Jobs in Munich

Startup Jobs in Munich

What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than in a traditional Bavarian beergarden in Munich? There are a great amount of reasons why Munich has one of the highest standard of living in Germany. Great beer, great food, an urban park that is larger than New York's central park (Englischer Garten), the home of the world famous Oktoberfest, and the possibility to go surfing directly in the city center (!) - but also some of the top startups from Germany. So if you're looking for startup jobs in Munich, you will definitely find something.

Here are a couple of startups in Munich which you should seriously consider applying at:

3DTrust - these guys are addressing an aspect of 3D printing which will become extremely relevant once 3D printing becomes more common - security. Sending blueprints and designs to your printer poses a security risk, especially if you outsource the 3D printing to a supplier. If third parties are able to access those prints by hacking your printer or the data transmission, they are able to replicate your products right then and there. 3DTrust provides secure printing - the data transmission is secure, ensuring your intellectual property to remain safe as well, and also logs every print of your design, to make sure noone illegally prints additional copies. If 3D printing is a field you are excited about, 3DTrust is be a company you should check out!

Apply to 3DTrust here!

AgenturMatching - especially for small and medium sized companies, it pays to have some functions outsourced to people who know what they're doing, rather than hiring someone internally. A good example is SEO - good SEOs are very expensive, and not all companies need a full-time SEO in their company. You would rather hire an agency to do that work for you. However, there are countless SEO agencies you can choose from - which one do you use? AgenturMatching collates the info for you directly on their platform, and helps you make a decision suited to your needs. If you've ever been in the position that you had to hire an agency, you know the pain of researching potential agencies and making an (more-or-less) informed decision - help others with this problem!

Apply to AgenturMatching here!

Carwow - very cool idea - price comparison for new cars! Price comparison websites are quite common nowadays - because they are extremely useful. Information on the best prices is hard to get, so you are grateful for anyone who can help you find the cheapest provider. For new cars, price comparison is so far unheard of. Carwow does just that. You enter your car of choice with the exact specifications you want. Car dealerships are informed of your purchase intent, and can give you offers. Carwow takes the best offers and lets you choose which one you prefer. The car dealership is able to sell a new car and you can be sure you didn't overpay - everybody wins!

Carwow is growing fast - Apply to Carwow here!

adnymics - if you've ordered a product online before, you have noticed that a bunch of advertising flyers come with the packaging. Not all of those are really relevant to you though, so you've probably dismissed they quite fast. Adnymics is an intelligent flyer printing company. Adnymics analyses the data of each individual customer - what he/she has been looking at on the platform. For each customer, unique flyers are printed with the products the user has looked at previously (and thus has a high chance of purchasing those items). With Adnymics, you can target your customers with personalized flyers and thus increase your revenues. A very smart solution for optimizing your revenue.

Apply to adnymics here!

Allianz X - Allianz X is the digital accelerator arm of the German insurance giant Allianz. In line with their main business, their accelerator focuses on InsurTech startups who have much to gain from the expertise of a well established insurance company. Like a traditional accelerator, Allianz X guides startups with to market with a group of experienced professionals and takes care of distractions which would otherwise bother founders and take time away from what matters most in a business - customers, execution and growth. If you already have an idea for an InsurTech company, there is no better place to start than at Allianz X.

Apply to Allianz X here!

Hubert Burda Media - definitely not a startup, but very present online, Hubert Burda Media is one of the largest German media companies. From radio stations to magazines or popular tv stations like The Weather Channel, Hubert Burda is very much present internationally. But the company also invests in multiple startups, such as Jameda, Zooplus or XING. So naturally the company is looking for startup talent for their investments. You will surely find a company within the conglomerate that interests you.

Apply to Hubert Burda Media here!

Personio - human resources management can be quite difficult - from assigning bonuses to tracking sick days and managing job applications, there are a lot of things going on. Personio is a complete solution for all workflows in a HR Manager's daily activities. From on- and offboarding to employee performance and feedback, everything can be managed with Personio. HR is a hot sector at the moment, with a lot of potential for improvement. Personio is one the companies at the forefront of that revolution!

Apply to Personio here!

Freeletics - need motivation to get fit? Freeletics is an app which replaces your personal trainer - you get personalized workouts and can track your performance and improvement directly on your phone. They have a great community and the app has helped many people to get in shape! The great thing is that all workouts can be done anywhere, you don't need to go to a gym, all exercises can be done anywhere - outdoor, in your room, in the kitchen, wherever. If you're a fitness fanatic, look no further - this is the company for you!

Apply to Freeletics here!

InterNations - a social network for expats all across the globe. And with everyone becoming ever more interconnected and geographically flexible, the market is growing exponentially. InterNations created a massive community which makes relocation very simple - it's always better to have someone you know in the city you are moving to. Not only that, but with all the events and gatherings facilitated by InterNations, you already feel at home before moving in. A very useful service, one that all travellers and globetrotters can relate to.

Apply to InterNations here!

Skoobe - Skoobe is a library that fits into your pocket. It's an app which has over 175,000 books and publications on it. It works on a subscription basis, so you have access to every single one of those books at all times. If you're an avid reader, it's really worth it. Not only is it super convenient, but it's also quite cheap. The App works for smartphones, tablets and ereaders as well.

Apply to Skoobe here!

Bragi - a very exciting hardware startup. Bragi supplies you wireless earphones. Doesn't sound that great? Well, wait until you hear about all its functionality. The earphones work standalone - you do not need the supplementary app to use the earphones, because the earphones can store up to 1000 songs by itself. Apart from that, you can use them under water, as noise-cancelling earphones on the plane, it can track vitals such as heartbeat, and many other things. All in those earphones - how cool is that?!

Apply to Bragi here!

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