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October 15, 2020

Taledo vs. Covid 19: How to ensure the safety of your employees

Taledo vs. Covid 19: How to ensure the safety of your employees

The COVID 19 outbreak has changed the way businesses operate all over the world. Despite the uncertain and rapidly changing environment brought on by the pandemic, we are happy to report that the Taledo team managed to adapt to it literally overnight. This change happened with almost no disruption to the usual work flow and without any major changes for our clients and candidates.

We want to share some of our experiences and best practices on how we managed to adjust to the new world we live in and about how we organized our team and work environment accordingly to best meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep the team informed

Precise statements and informative communication is the key to success. Especially in the early days of the pandemic when it was - and still is - easy to get caught up in misinformation, rumors, and panic mongering... We organized frequent online meetings where we gave updates to the entire team about current developments, safety regulations, and general business-related news. Since the Taledo team consists of over 20 different nationalities and not all team members are able to fully understand German, it was even more important to keep everyone informed and up-to-date with the latest German regulations and official decisions (e.g. about travel restrictions).

Higher frequency of personal communication

In times of crises and uncertainty, people more than ever need an individual approach and safe space. Therefore, we made sure to keep in touch with each individual on a professional as well as personal level to continually show and/or give support whenever it is needed. The typical “How are you?” has become more than just a greeting. Regarding business related decisions, we made sure to provide a safe space for questions and ensure that communication remains a two-way street. To keep the positive vibe and share more personal perspectives, we started to share our highlight of the week and of the month during the All-Hands-Meeting. This allows us to celebrate even the smallest success stories and positive events together, regardless of not being in the same physical location.

At Taledo, monthly employee satisfaction surveys had been implemented long before the COVID-19-Virus hit the world. During the lockdown and times without personal meetings the well-being of our team was of the utmost importance to us. We were particularly interested to learn how the remote work setup had affected our coworkers and whether we provided them with enough support. Later on, after having spent some time in a home office setup, we asked our employees for their perspective on struggles and benefits of this new style of work. It was very interesting to see how diverse the answers were and how much the same situation can have a different impact on various people.

The benefits of digital recruitment

Changing to a 100% remote setup happened at Taledo overnight and fortunately went really well. We are so thankful for such a well organized, supportive team and for the technology that made our work from different locations possible without much of a hassle. Thanks to the Taledo platform and our digital processes, which we had already been working on for the past few years, our daily business kept running smoothly throughout the transition. Despite all the circumstances, the COVID-19 outbreak was a great proof of concept for our product and for Taledo’s mission to digitize recruitment processes.

Health and safety as a priority

Home office and remote work is currently a common practice at many companies but not everyone wants to or can work from home. At Taledo, we made sure to be prepared for both scenarios. We have implemented 100% remote work in March 2020 at the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany. Since then, we have managed to adapt our office to the current regulations and ensure that there is enough office space available for those who need it. We have reduced the number of available work stations (desks) in each room while keeping the necessary distance. Providing soap, disinfection sprays and liquids in every restroom as well as all around the office is a must.

Nevertheless, the main form of communication still happens via Google Meet, E-Mail and Slack, so everyone feels included and informed at all times, regardless of their location.The current times we live in are definitely challenging for all of us. Organizations must reassess their priorities and implement changes faster than ever before. Our ability to adapt as teams and as individuals is tested just as much as the ability of organizations to react to a quickly changing environment. This is a test for all of us and the reason why open and transparent communication, backed by empathy and understanding, is a crucial element of success. It is no longer only a matter of employee satisfaction, branding and company success, but has become crucial to keeping all of us and our loved ones healthy and secure.

Making this a priority can help us create a safe space and build trust between organizations, our employees, and customers.Being a company that focuses on digital processes and innovative thinking definitely helps maneuver these uncertain times. It also gives us an additional boost of energy and motivation to see that Taledo offers a lot of value to the market, even in times of a global pandemic, and that it can be the future of the recruiting industry.

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