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James Bond Needs a Job

MI6 recently launched a recruitment drive for new agents with a focus on „the human side of global intelligence“. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of being James Bond, now’s your chance. Except 007 himself is out in the cold.  According to Buzzfeed, a source at the agency (known in real life as SIS) said that nowadays „James Bond would probably not be successful in joining SIS, if he were to apply.“

Well, now that Bond may have to explore other career options, he has begun circulating his CV and we at Taledo have been lucky enough to get our hands on a (mostly unredacted) copy.

This isn’t the first time 007’s role at the agency has been in doubt. In 1989’s Licence to Kill, Bond went rogue after his famous licence was taken away. And in his most recent outing, Skyfall, he took the opportunity of seemingly dying to put MI6 behind him, briefly.

Here is the super spy’s resume:

James Bond 007 CV



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